Daniel Jose Ruiz is an educator and writer from Los Angeles.  Like most others, he can’t claim LA as his birthplace; he’s a transplant too, but he’s been here for more than half his life, so that should count for something, right? He is a native Texan although he only lived there for a few years, but at least if he ends up back there, he can get those cool Native Texan license plates.

He is a graduate of the CalArts MFA program in Creative Writing and he is a dedicated Anteater, having earned both his BA and MA in English from UCI.  He is a tenured Professor of English at Los Angeles City College, and trust me, he is damn proud to be there. He is married to the absolutely underappreciated visual artist Flavia Zuniga-West-Ruiz, and the father of the completely adorable Prometeo and the newly arrived Artemisia Chelo. He spends most of his time with them.

He is an absolute geek, and not in that ironic way that is cool right now. No, he’s just a geek that loves tabletop war games like Warhammer 40,000, RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, and video games of all varieties.  He sucks now at multiplayer, which hurts his heart quite a bit.

Daniel doesn’t believe in genre much, so he writes whatever comes to mind, whether that be Poetry, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, or Literary Fiction.  It’s all just stories to him, and he tries to tell good ones, and he tries to make sure there are brown boys, girls, and folk in between inside of them because it felt pretty lonely reading all those stories that never had them.  He is an older millennial, so he sucks at the whole social media thing, but he’s learning.

If you are reading this and you are one of his students that has stumbled upon this page, as always, check the syllabus for his work email.


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