Coconut Versus: 

coconutversus_danieljruizEveryone calls Miguel Reyes a coconut, brown on the outside and white on the inside. Among his family in the orange groves of central California, he’s the too soft city-boy.In Arizona, he’s a brown boy in an upper-class, white neighborhood. In Los Angeles, he’s a fake Mexican that speaks too good. In Irvine, he’s a punk rock kid in a suburban paradise.  In the Inland Empire, he is best friends with a local legend, Scott, and Miguel meets the love of his young life, Sunshine.

But Miguel also has a choice to make: he must decide if he will kill a man, a man that threatens everything he has come to value, a man that most would call evil but also hides behind a position of great authority. He must navigate society’s shifting web of gender, race, and class yet hope that at the center, he can find who he actually is and if that means anything at all.

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