This is the personal website, sometimes blog, mostly just filler, for the author and educator Daniel Jose Ruiz. He’s a man of many hats, most of them ill-fitting if he is honest about it all, but he does his best.

Hey, why you’re here, maybe you want to check out my books? I mean, since you are here after all.

The Life of Jian Ciervo:

Jian, a Kindred, has managed to escape the clutches of the Keepers – a race of tentacled creatures that keep Kindred enslaved. Having almost perished in the freezing conditions on the wastelands, he’s eventually rescued by a crew of salvage hunters.
The captain of the salvage crew takes pity on him and offers work and lodgings, and Jian slowly learns to navigate life as a free man – a life not without danger as the Keepers send out patrollers to catch and return escapees.
With a thriving legal practice and money in the bank, Jian grows complacent – until he realizes that his purpose in life is not only to live his own life in freedom but to help other Kindred do the same.

Preorder and purchase here: Pegasus Publishing

Coconut Versus: 


Miguel Reyes is a coconut, at least, that’s what people call him. He doesn’t really know what to call himself, so that tends to get him in a lot of trouble. Whether it be in the orange groves of Exeter, Califonia, the heat of Tempe, Arizona, or the ever shifting world of Los Angeles, Miguel finds himself an oddity, and while he is sure that he’ll leave behind a great story, he is just not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

You can purchase this here from Floricanto Press.


Go read books, and go buy books from small presses. Bonus points if you buy them from an independent bookstore.